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29.08.2020, Schloss Schielleiten, Stubenberg, Steiermark, Österreich. Setukara Yogatage. // Fotos Daniela Leitgeb

Yoga & Mindfulness

Benefits of a regular yoga practise

For me yoga is a way to get to know yourself better. To understand yourself as a unique and beautiful being. To appreciate all of yourself. Yoga makes us more aware of the world around us and helps to make us more compassionate and accepting towards others. I want to create a world were everyone is encouraged to live their true self.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a energizing practice which combines different positions (asanas) into a flow. This can sometimes feel like dancing with your own breath. 
Inversions are for me a way to help you dive deeper into your inner child, get playful and build self esteem while staying patient with the process.
Yin Yoga is a very calm practice where we focus on the inside. By experiencing comfort and discomfort physically we can observe if our mind is controlling our actions or we are controlling our mind.


Benefits of regular meditation

The more we practice to bring ourself in a state of acceptance and inner peace, the easier we will archive it in our daily life. Through meditation we create space wich allows us to observe things from the outside. Stepping out of our emotions and thoughts.

26.-30.08.2020, Schloss Schielleiten, Stubenberg, Steiermark, Österreich. Setukara Yogatage. // Fotos Chrisi

Personal experiences

How people feel about my work

Chrisi is amazingly kind and adaptive. she helped me a lot with my movements and shape. she is a very humble person, and a great teacher. i hope you'll have the chance to try a few of her classes
I met Christina at Star surf yoga in Cotillo, she was brilliant in adapting some moves to help me get a better stretch with my osteo arthritis, I would highly recommend her xx

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I offer a variety of classes online & in person.
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Private Yoga classes

Get tailored classes for you and your body. You decide where you want to focus on. Meditation, Yin Yoga, handstands, strength,..


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Online Yoga

Join my yoga classes online from wherever you are. I offer a variation of styles: Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Handstand,..

"Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists."

- Patanjali -


Through my projects I aim to live yoga as a social & inclusive lifestyle

Yoga Mobil

I am currently traveling with my “YogaMobil” through Spain. Looking for new cooperations & opportunities to share Yoga & movement. Join me on my journey.

Setukara Yoga

Setukara Yoga is a unqiue project, living and sharing an inclusive lifestyle of yoga. The aim is to connect people with and without disabilities, no matter of age, physically or mentally abilities.