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My goal is to help you explore the relationship to your body and mind. Creating peace within to let it sprout into the outer world & our community. Living life with ease, curiosity & playfulness.


For me, movement is a celebration of life

and a way to express gratitude
body & mind

- Chrisi in Motion -
Warm Welcome

Hi, my name is Chrisi – AcroYoga & Yoga teacher from Austria, travelling to share my passion

My goal is to help you explore the relationship to your body and mind. Creating peace within and inviting us to see diversity of our community as a benefit. Aiming to live life with ease, curiosity & playfulness. 

Inspired by teachers and movers all around the world I got to experience the power of movement, trust & connection. 

In my classes I emphasize the mindfulness in every step we take. I aim to create an inclusive space where we can meet ourself & others with full trust. 

Body in Motion. Mind in Motion. Life in Motion.

my Offering for You

I offer a variety of classes online & in person.
Find out what fits best for you.

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Online course

Join me for a 8 week yoga & meditation online course. Weekly classes and monthly community circles are waiting for you to spark your joy for movement & mindfulness. 


1:1 offerings

Get tailored classes for you and your body. You decide where you want to focus on. Or book me for a full private day: combining Yoga, AcroYoga & Thai Yoga Massage ♥


Events & Workshops

Check out my upcoming events & workshops or book me for your own event. I am open for collaborations for studios, events, retreats or festivals. 

22 July
8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Yoga im Brunnenhaus

29 August - 02 September

Setukara Yogatage 2024

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Want to connect deep inside?


For me, Yoga is a celebration of the diversity of our bodies. I offer Yoga and Meditation classes to guide you into a deeper connection with YOUR body.

Want to learn how to fly?


AcroYoga is a playful practise which combines Yoga and Acrobatics. Through group exercises and games we develop trust, strength and balance.

Want to reach deep relaxation?

Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga massage is a spiritual practice where we use passive stretching to reach a deep relaxation and activate the bodies’ own healing energies.

Personal experiences

How people feel about my work


Through my projects I aim to live yoga as a social & inclusive lifestyle

Yoga Mobil

I am currently traveling with my “YogaMobil” through Spain. Looking for new cooperations & opportunities to share Yoga & movement. Join me on my journey.

Setukara Yoga

Setukara Yoga is a unqiue project, living and sharing an inclusive lifestyle of yoga. The aim is to connect people with and without disabilities, no matter of age, physically or mentally abilities.