about me

I got wings to travel, feet to dance & a heart to love


My vision

Hi, my name is Chrisi – AcroYoga & Yoga teacher from Austria, travelling to share my passion

My goal is to help you explore the relationship to your body and mind. Creating peace within and inviting us to see diversity of our community as a benefit. Aiming to live life with ease, curiosity & playfulness.

Inspired by teachers and movers all around the world I got to experience the power of movement, trust & connection. Read about my teachers.

Body in Motion. Mind in Motion. Life in Motion.

Movement is my medicine

Through Yoga & AcroYoga I got to know myself better. Understanding that everyone (including myself) is a unique and beautiful being. I learned to accept and even celebrate myself & my body.
Yoga helped me to be more aware of the world around me, accepting and being compassionate to every being.

The practice of Yoga and AcroYoga changed my life on such a profound and deep level that I soon realized I want to share this magic with others.
I want to create a world were everyone is able to embrace their true nature.

In my classes I emphasize the mindfulness in every movement and invite you to explore movement in a playful way. Letting go of expectations and prejudices. I aim to create an inclusive space where we can meet ourself & others with full trust. 

Traveling soul

I have been traveling for the last years. Having Yoga as a tool to feel home in myself, wherever I am.

I am traveling since many years on and off. 2016 I decided to quit flying, and search for different ways of moving (mostly hitchhiking or buses).
In 2021 I build myself a home in a little van. Together with my dog I am traveling now mostly in Europe.
Looking for new cooperations & opportunities to share Yoga & movement. By keeping my Yoga & Meditation practice up I can deal better with difficult situations and create myself a home wherever I go.


May all beings everywhere be happy & free

my Offer for you



AcroYoga is a playful practise which combines Yoga and Acrobatics. Through group exercises and games we develop trust, strength and balance.

Yoga & Mindfulness

For me, Yoga is a celebration of the diversity of our bodies. I offer Yoga and Meditation classes to guide you into a deeper connection with YOUR body.

Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga massage is a spiritual practice where we use passive stretching to reach a deep relaxation and activate the bodies’ own healing energies.

Personal experiences

How people feel about my work

Gratitude to my teachers

Teachings & Schools on my way

AcroYoga Int.– AcroYoga Teacher Training 
Gayatri Yoga
– Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga 200h Teacher Training
Sunshine Network – Thai Yoga Massage Training 
Sunshine Network – Thai Yoga meets Osteopathy Training 
SportUnion Austria – Übungsleiter Ausbildung
Setukara Yoga – Yogadays for people with and without disabilities
Accessible Yoga – Teacher Training (ongoing)

& many workshops more

Teachers who inspired my path

Jeppe Skovgaard (Rört)
Boris Georgiev (Ganesha Wien)
Pau Castellsagué (OmShanti Bcn)
Oliver Chamorro (AcroMoves)
Radhika, Kiran, Anand (Gayatri Yoga)
Daniela Leitgeb (Setukara Yoga)
Lisa Looping (Flylight Yoga)
Martina Marcik (dasyogahaus.eu)

& many more