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Yoga with Chrisi not only moves your body but also your mind. Chrisi conveys competently and sensitively what yoga is really about. Sensitivity to your own body, personal pace, acceptance of what is and joy in movement. Thank you for your passion!


I found Yoga rather boring and cold before discovering Chrisi. But thanks to her soft and adapted fun approach, the moments to practice and exchange together seemed to me to be one of the most memorable and constructive experiences of my life.


I met Christina at Star surf yoga in Cotillo, she was brilliant in adapting some moves to help me get a better stretch with my osteo arthritis, I would highly recommend her xx


Chrisi is amazingly kind and adaptive. she helped me a lot with my movements and shape. she is a very humble person, and a great teacher. i hope you’ll have the chance to try a few of her classes


Chrisi made the morning for the tense body after climbing to something wonderful! With her calm and warm charisma, she created a perfect atmosphere for me to arrive at my place with yoga. Thank you for this unforgettable memories at the beach!


WOW WOW WOW! Genau, dass was ich gebraucht habe um wieder in mir selbst anzukommen, eine perfekte Mischung aus Entspannung & Aktivität! Meditation, Yoga, Acroyoga & Thai-Massage! Eine super sympathische Teacherin! Danke für den tollen Tag <3

Sophie Petzke

Thank you so much for an amazing intro to acro yoga! We adored the two classes we did with you and wish we were staying here longer to do more. The energiser and relax yoga classes were also really good. A pleasure to meet you!


Chrisi hat mich inspiriert und gefesselt mit ihrer achtsamen Art und Weise Acroyoga & Thai Massage anzuleiten. So viel Vertrauen & sehr liebevoll gemacht! Habe mich spontan zu 3 weiteren Einheiten angemeldet und zu privatem Workshop eingeladen. Danke


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