May you be wild & free

Join me for an interactive 8 weeks online yoga & meditation course.
Fall in love with your very own practice of movement and mindfulness.
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What is this course about

This course feels very special to me.

It feels special because I know what an impact my learnings through yoga and meditation had on my life. 

I love the way yoga makes me not think about how my body looks. It helps me to love, accept and appreciate my body and all it’s abilities. My practice can make me feel free, calm, powerful, listening, dancing,..
Actually whatever is needed in that moment.

And I love how meditation impacts the way I think, feel & act. The mind can be our biggest enemy if we don’t pay attention. But it can also be our biggest friend, helping us to see the world more clearly. 

In the last years my life went through constant change and the love to movement and meditation helped me to understand that the outer world doesn’t need to define my inner world. 

This will be the first round of this course and I wish to co-create it with you, in a very small group. Listening to your questions and needs.

Helping you to find a creative and joyful way to include a regular practice into your daily life.

May you be wild to experience and live all facets of yourself

May you be free from all your inner bondages

Fall in love with your own yoga & meditation practice

In this course we will have a weekly practice of Yoga asanas. To stay fully flexible with your own schedule, you have the possibility to practice by your own – by using the recordings.

The heart of this course will be our community circles which give us the time to go deeper into the practice, discuss different topics of mindfulness and meditation. 

Through the full course we will have a group to connect, share our practice and ask questions.

What makes it special

This course has already started stay tuned for the next round

I am super happy to see that you are interested in my course.
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Hi, my name is Chrisi

My name is Chrisi and I am a full-time traveling yoga teacher. My life is in constant change and therefor a regular practice for my mental balance is very important. Through different trainings I experienced the impact of a daily practice on THE WAY I THINK, I FEEL and I ACT.

This inspires me to help others to strengthen their connection to their body & mind and free themselves from outer expectations.

You have any questions about this course?
I am happy to hear from you!

Flexible, Interactive & Customizable

Join my next round for an interactive 8 weeks online yoga & meditation course.
Fall in love with your very own practice of movement and mindfulness.

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Price for the full course: € 155,-

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